New Social Club / Event Planners Take Stake in NYC

Brooklyn, NY – April 18th – Enter Bask, newly organized company that attracts a diverse crowd of networkers, hustlers and socialites. Arriving in early October, Bask sets the tone for affordable and carefree socializing. Founded by two NYC natives, Victor (Bronx) & Doogz (Lower East Side), that came together to combine their passion for visual arts, music and fashion to create events that highlight the variety within each culture. From there they went on to create, Bask.

From Hip Hop showcases and product launches, to themed parties, Bask covers it all — offering Patron, music and food to enchant its audience to keep coming back. Bask events range from 250-300 people and is comfortably growing with each function. Some events more exclusive than others remain generally available to the general public if they follow Bask and their movements. Promotions such as the elusive Dirty 30 is one of Bask’s key selling points. Dirty 30 includes an open bar of Patron, event merchandise, +1 guest, and more for the first 30 people to buy the ticket at 50% off. Bask strives to be the standard in the social experience for ages 19-27. You’ll never know who you will see at a Bask event, co-worker, long lost friend or the plug — Bask has a way of connecting you with the right people!

Bask stays away from the club scene, and specializes more in warehouses and lofts — or raw spaces. Clubs are stationary and have too many rules and restrictions, with Bask, the right mind-set and $10-$20 will get you a lot further.

Be sure to check out what Bask has done recently and what is next at their website:

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