Presenting Julian Stephen’s Appropriate Culture

Cultural appropriation is a sociological concept of relationships and cultures wrongly adopted, and violated, by other members of another group. At times it is framed as misappropriation, but for Appropriate Culture, it’s the complete opposite.

During the month of November rapper-songwriter, producer, writer, actor and director Julian Stephen launches his newest project featuring some notable characters in the Black entertainment community such as Justin Gerard, Alexa Leighton, Cleverly Chloe, Brandon “SNGDNC” Mellette, and Funny Julius. The sitcom tells the story of Julian who finds himself struggling to adjust in what is now a gentrified NYC, and learning to maintain a love life and his family.

The launch itself is a package within itself consisting of new age digital strategy through social media, and a marathon run-through of Julian’s earliest project, Alien & Kick. You can be sure to find yourself laughing before the end of the first episode with comedic truths about what a person would do for love, and trying to find yourself while dealing with life coming at you like a curve-ball.

Stay tuned for more from Julian Stephen and the rest of the cast as come close to the release date of the first season of Appropriate Culture.

Appropriate Culture

Photo by Krystal de Cid (@_krystallion)

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