Passionate With A Purpose

“Another day to get it right.”
–Lovelisa Dizon

“I like to do things with a purpose,” says Jersey City-based DJ, bicyclist, and Chilltown Collective co-founder Lovelisa Dizon. “I started Chilltown Collective to build a community… not just to party.” 

Despite the world being put on hold due to COVID and the continued Black Lives Matter protests, Lovelisa decided to keep Chilltown Collective strong and in motion.

Since the celebration of their fifth anniversary, Chilltown has partnered with a number of foundations including Black Men United, Nyamwange Foundation, and Black Diaspora to help the members of their community. The collective most recently hosted a third fundraiser, #ChilltownStrong: For The Kids, on Saturday, October 3rd, in collaboration with Dream But Don’t Sleep and ANDCO to help HCST County Prep students in the new school year. 

“I don’t feel accomplished unless the community is as well,” said Lovelisa. “I like when people want to be involved–you can be a part of it this way or that way and not be pressured like they [need] to do more–we are here for each other.” These words carried a lot of weight coming from the HCST County Prep alumna. 

Before COVID hit, Lovelisa was juggling Chilltown, working part-time at a bike shop, and DJing full time. Just last year, Lovelisa bka LUV, began to tour with comedian and co-star of the series Broad City, Ilana Glazer, for her comedy roadshow HORNY 4 THA POLLS. Now Lovelisa is an advocate for her community spreading joy through music and starring in commercials doing what she loves.

Lovelisa Dizon stars in Bose commercial featuring the AR Audio Sunglasses in partnership with Ouvos. (

Another day to get it right.

Lovelisa Dizon

Since 2009, Lovelisa has been comfortable around bicycles and, in 2013, even worked at a bike shop in New York City. Like DJing and event coordinating, she found a way to make the most  impact with her passion. You can find her helping out a customer at a local bike shop or riding in a bikeathon raising money for a cause. There have been weeks where she’d bike more than 100 miles, but it was worth all the dollars donated.

“I only have good intentions,” Lovelisa says. “There’s a lot of work that needs to happen… We’re all a part of it. Voice. Talent. Everyone deserves to be heard.”

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