OVO Taking Over NoHo?

In the congested heart of the big apple, Drake fans galore lined up at the corner of Bond Street and Bowery Saturday, December 10, for the grand opening of the OVO flagship store.

Two days had already passed when I ventured out to see the infrastructure for myself. When I arrived to the street corner, my eyes instantly searched for the iconic symbol of Canada’s sole 6 god, the owl. Just when I stepped onto the curb, I saw it, and the 4 people that were lined outside in the near brick weather.

OVO Flagship Store in Bowery, NY (Photo by @UnratedEbony)

Thousands of people from the tri-state area has visited the store; eager to spend their hard earnings on $40 t-shirts and $48 beanies. Whether the items were tailored with the eminent owl or the famous “October’s Very Own” phrase, people big and small pulled out their wallets, and phones, to bask in the Drizzy-influenced atmosphere—that’s including the music being played from the moment you step in.

Aside from the reasonably over-priced batiste cloths, you were able to get a preview of the winter coat OVO and Canada Goose collaborated on, set to be released next year.

Unsurprisingly, the store was fairly empty when it came to product and space. If you wear a size extra-small, the chances of you leaving with a sweater was slim. The walls were seemingly bare, but at least the fluorescent lights bouncing off of them gleamed a shimmery gold.

Photo by @UnratedEbony

The one room store was full of inconveniences—from the unavailability of shirt sizes to the invisible presence of customer service. Though there were about 6-7 employees wearing OVO apparel, and of color (which I am all for), I do wish they were a bit more welcoming.

There is no telling how long the flagship will withstand New York’s high rent, and constant re-up on apparel and accessories. To be honest, it felt more like a pop up shop than a store that’s here to stay. The prices weren’t entirely overwhelming, considering the location and Drake’s prominence, but I would like to see just how far he might get with this project. This is in fact the third store to open for the grammy award winning artist—the first two are located in L.A. and of course, Toronto.

Ebony Anderson-Brown

Twitter: @unratedebony

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