“No Chaser” is a Web Series for Black Women by Black Women About Relationships

Watch the cast announcement and full trailer for Season 2 ahead of its premiere.

Mark your calendars! Because on Sunday, February 28, the second season of “No Chaser” premieres on YouTube.

“No Chaser” is a web series created by content producer, LaPorsche Jackson. It’s good to know that Jackson is also the founder of creative collective and production company, No Chaser Productions.

The series is about relationships, made for and by Black women. In this series, Jackson and her No Chaser Productions team sits down with various men to discuss relational topics such as cheating, ghosting, dating with children, sex and more. The cast provides honest, transparent and often funny commentary. “No Chaser” is one of a kind, it stars Black millennial content creators and influencers who are impacting our culture. 

They recently released a cast announcement video and the full trailer for Season 2, which you can watch here!

Follow LaPorsche Jackson and her creative collective No Chaser Productions for updates on “No Chaser” the series and more!

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