Nkom Bivoué Creates Afro Euphoric Dance Music

Nkom Bivoué is a Sirúnian DJ/Producer based in Yaoundé, Cameroon. This young producer has a singular and new style, which consists of mixing the rhythms and groove of African cultures with the sounds of Electronic Dance Music or EDM. But it is much more than Afro EDM, in fact it is Afro Euphoric Dance Music. He does not follow the trend, but listens to his heart and soul to generate unique emotions, through beautiful melodies. These oscillate well between festive, dancing, and inspiring or even meditative moods.

After the release of several remixes in late 2019 and early 2020, he released his very first EP, “From The Stars,” on April 29th. Not too long after, Nkom would release a compilation of 10 remixes, “More Than A DJ Vol. 1,” which allowed him to rediscover other Afro rhythms.

Nkom comes back with his second EP of the year, “Processus.” This last one is quite particular because it has only three tracks and is a little more experimental than the first one which was entirely Gqom. In this new opus, Nkom made sure to cover several universes, combining Afrobeat, House, Ambient, and a little EDM.

“Processus” shows us how everything that exists is the fruit of a process, similar to the life cycle of a butterfly. This project is a foretaste of his first album “Zeun Ya Yop,” which will be released early next year.

You can listen to the “Processus” EP on Bandcamp and follow Nkom Bivoué for more updates!

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