New Docuseries From Kulture Hub Captures Our Attention

Black-owned media site highlights five visual artists of color in the new docuseries, Finally Focused: NY to LA.

Between the dream and the struggle, Finally Focused is a new series where visionaries of color can openly discuss the journey of what it really takes to get the perfect shot. Through highlighting a handful of diverse creatives in their respective cities, they hope to inspire and teach the next generation of creatives about what it takes to become Finally Focused.

Kulture Hub continued their series Finally Focused: NY to LA, which premiered September 3rd. Episode 1 focused on Paulette Agnes Ang, a director and painter who has worked with impressive artists ranging from Versace to Princess Nokia. Producer Joe Hood who has directed content for some of the largest media companies and music artists in the world earned the spotlight for the second episode. Most recent episodes featured New York native and photographer Flo Ngala and director M.F. Thomas from Los Angeles. 

The inspiring originality of what it means to be an individual artist of color is something to talk about. The essence of this series is to give creatives a platform to shed light on their artistry, and to show how it takes a certain mindset to achieve what they’ve done.

You can watch all released episodes on IGTV via @KultureHub and be on the lookout for the next episode with Ace of LA premiering October 29th

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