Mix Review: Enter the Sonic Realm of Kush Jones

The DJ/Producer brings you into a world where footwork is supreme.

For me, a good mix can bring the electricity of an event to where you are. Whether you’re on lockdown at home or making a grocery run, Kush Jones brings that charged environment to you with his most recent mix. Debuted through Carhartt WIP, a workwear brand that aligns itself with underground scenes, featured Jones for its final radio show in 2020. 

The Bronx-based DJ/Producer is praised for his work ethic— a dedication to both the technical and ephemeral aspects of his music. One can feel this through his precise selections and smooth transitions. The mix’s meditative introduction guides you with a four-on-the-floor rhythm  that is laced with synth pads. From there, Jones’ history and passion for footwork builds into an experience that compels you further into his world. 

In his feature with Carthartt, Jones informed us about what it’s like to DJ in footwork circles. There, “you have to play the music that is in sync with [a dancer’s] moves, which is complex as footwork is very tight, precise and technical – but at the same time also free.”

Footwork, being a blended genre in itself, is an apropos glue for the different styles flashing throughout Jones’ mix. It evolves with intricate splashes of color and polyrhythms that force you to move. One track feels like a dance off versus a Mega-Man boss while another track feels like an acidic drop into an underwater realm. There is a moment in the mix that guides you through a jazzy grove that unfurls into this drum and bass bridge. This is no easy task.

His intentionality is apparent. It gives way to this imagery and a feeling that you’re being led through different sonic environments. For me, that journey is what makes this an exceptional mix. 

You can follow Kush Jones on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Twitter.

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