Matt FX Drops Two New Electrifying Singles

Seasoned with smooth synths and intoxicating beats, the versatility of Matt FX’s new music is a major element in its appeal.

DJ and producer, Matt FX, has released two new singles, ‘A Love Beginning’ and ‘Pero No Te Quiero,’ featuring vocals from talented artist Melika. Both tracks were written and produced by Matt in Mexico City as well as in Brooklyn, where they were then released on the electronic label Wolf + Lamb Records.

Seasoned with smooth synths and intoxicating beats, the versatility of Matt’s new music is a major element in its appeal. The DJ could be blasting these tunes on the dance floor or they could come on shuffle as you daydream on your morning commute—no matter the occasion, they’ll fit the mood. While each track has their own distinct vibe, they both deal with the topic of love, new (‘A Love Beginning’) and complicated (‘Pero No Te Quiero’).

Reminiscent of Disclosure’s signature sound, ‘A Love Beginning’ is an undeniably feel-good track that explores the excitement of a new attraction. These sentiments are reflected in the energetic pulse that vibrates throughout the catchy tune, which features additional instrumentation from saxophonist and producer Braxton Cook.

On the flip side, ‘Pero No Te Quiero’ which literally translates to ‘But I Don’t Love You,’ delves into the flurry of a toxic yet passionate relationship. With more grit to her delivery this time around, Melika’s vocals bursts onto the track with an understated ferocity, narrating the struggle of a torn lover. As listeners, we can’t help but be just as entranced by the sensual rhythm and hypnotic hook as our subject is by their addictive yet troublesome partner.

‘The music is inspired by these little moments of hope, pain and wonder that you go through in specific circumstances,’ Matt shared. ‘In a funny way, I feel like both songs sort of apply to this idea of seeing someone special across a room and immediately having all these thoughts race through your head.’

The multi-hyphenate—who, along with working as a DJ and music producer, has worn many hats including music supervisor, chef, and TV host—first shot to fame as the creative mind behind the soundtrack for the hit Comedy Central TV show, Broad City. He has been referred to as a ‘musical polymath’ by Forbes and an ‘NYC nightlife institution’ by VICE

With more music slated for release over the next year, ‘A Love Beginning’ and ‘Pero No Te Quiero’ are just the beginning of the sonic delights Matt FX has in store.

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