Love Poem With An Absence of Time

Love Poem With An Absence of Time.

Some of what we do, we do to make things happen, Running the hot water for a warm shower, catching the 7:20 train to get to school on time, buying a large latte to stay awake in a lecture.

The rest of what we do, we do trying to keep something from doing something, Our life from falling apart, our successes from failing, The hours from catching up to us.

With yes and no like the poles of a battery Powering our passage through the days, We move, as we call it, forward, Wanting to expand our horizons, Wanting not to think of all the skills thrown away, Wanting to live 100% carefree, Wanting not to lose any important people in life, Wanting to wake up to the RIGHT things, Wanting not to die sad, alone, and unsuccessful.

As each of us wants to no longer be a disappointment, As both want the satisfaction of living a life long dream, As wanting to love beyond family and friends, We gaze across the years that pass by and slowly fade.

Toni-Ann Douglas

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