Listen to Ashley Sage’s Soothing New Project

“Sage The EP” is out now

On the first track off of her latest project, Ashley Sage sings, “I’m just constantly running this race. I’d rather let go and go at my own pace… I’m tryna find that peace of mind.” With the constant busyness of our modern society, this is a feeling we can all relate to.

Ashley Sage is an up-and-coming R&B and Pop singer with the voice of a canary. Not only does this songbird carry a tune beautifully, she also writes, plays two instruments, and produces. Her latest, self-produced project, “Sage The EP,” captures her versatility as an artist from the relatable and thoughtful lyrics, to the soothing melodies. The project features six songs ranging from the honest, “Peace of Mind,” to the confident declaration of independence, “Twenties.”  Sage’s R&B, Reggae, Jazz, and Hip-Hop influences are tangible throughout the project from her musicality to the flow of her lyrics.

If you’re in need of music to soothe you at the end of a long day, Sage’s project is one you do not want to miss. Each song flows from one to the other so effortlessly that you can’t help but feel relaxed and at peace while listening to it.

You can stream Sage’s latest project, “Sage The EP” here and stay up to date with her on Instagram here.

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