Klaptrae Releases New EP “Changes”

Please listen to this EP.

Danish artist, Laurits Steinberg, under the alias Klaptrae, recently released his newest EP “Changes.” Each of the three songs focus on some aspect of change, especially regarding its internal and external effect. 

Klaptrae takes inspiration from Bon Iver, The Japanese House, and Tame Impala. You can hear that in the instrumentally chill but lyrically poignant nature of his songs. They have an ease to them that makes them tempting to play in the background, but when you take time to listen you can hear their layers of complexity.

“I hope that people are patient with them, that they listen to the small things,” Klaptrae said. “The details are interesting.”

Like many artists, Klaptrae planned on filling his quarantine time with productive songwriting. However, he found that time to be more of a hiatus. It wasn’t until autumn, when big questions and feelings started coming up, that he turned back to music. He felt overwhelmed about his future, but also strong feelings of peace. Songwriting helped him understand and reflect on what he was going through.

“It’s a product of my feelings,” Klaptrae explained. “When I listen to them now, I can remember the feelings when I wrote the song and can see from a bigger perspective what I felt at the time. Reflect more on my thoughts and feelings.”

Now that he’s released it, Klaptrae has one main hope for how people respond to his EP.

“What matters most to me is that people can feel what I’m feeling or feel their own feeling from it.”

Beyond music, Klaptrae pays close attention to visual art as well. He created the cover art for his ‘You Say I’m Changing’ single release using Photoshop. He carefully selected the photo for his “Changes” cover, it’s a sentimental photo his younger sister took.

“It’s a photo that hangs in my kitchen. I think it’s so super cute — it’s me and my girlfriend. I just think that touch right there is super cute.”

The photo portrays the warmth and reflective vibe of the entire EP, it truly was a great choice.

You can find “Changes” wherever you listen to music.

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