Kitty Montague’s New Single Exudes Raw, Soulful, Feminine Power

With a seemingly innocent title, the track digs deeper into a song that confronts the blurred lines between consent and coercion.

Emerging, London based, singer-songwriter Kitty Montague, fuses savvy pop sensibilities and powerful, soul-drenched vocals. Her honest, open and provocative writing draws on an empathetic understanding of the human condition – universally relatable situations, emotions and complexities, poetically exposed.

Her new release ‘I Kissed You Politely’ voices the feelings shared by many women who have felt pressured into an uncomfortable situation. Written for those who resonate with giving in to men and their advances, to avoid the backlash that often comes with saying no. This song is the opposing perspective to her previous single ‘Kiss Chase’, a liberating song about being able to exert your sexuality as a woman. A seemingly innocent title, the concept digs deeper into a song that confronts the blurred lines between consent and coercion. Inspired by Montague’s personal experiences, she sings, “I wish I knew then what I know now, I wish I knew how, I could’ve chosen myself, forgotten everyone else”. The songwriter shares, “This is about knowing that you shouldn’t have to do anything that you’re not comfortable with, and you certainly don’t have to have a reason or a justification as to why”.

‘I Kissed You Politely’ is the ultimate pop tune with a grittiness that screams empowerment. Produced by Jack Gourlay (Tom Odell, Rhodes, Caitlyn Scarlett), the track has a rush of soulful, haunting backing vocals which fill the track up with a sense of emotion. Alongside the steady drums and pulsing synths oozing in a trumpet subtlety, the tropical guitar riff gives off an understated R&B flush. Montague’s vocals are rich with a Jorja Smith style tone, with sparks of deliberately high voice breaks adding a charming touch to her artistic aura. 

The arresting talent of Montague has led her to recent accomplishments such as supporting Gabrielle Aplin for Banquet Records, as well as performing with Sofar Sounds and Talentbanq. Already turning heads in the music space, she has received tastemaker support from Notion, FMS Magazine, Music Crowns and BBC Music Introducing.

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