Karrington’s “Blow My Mind”

The perfect song to have playing when it’s time to bring your sexy side to the forefront.

East Coast R&B artist, Karrington, released “Blow My Mind” in July 2019. I wondered why an artist would submit a song from last year when there was a title in their discography released this past month. It wasn’t until I played the new song that I realized that the singer/songwriter was doing us a favor: this latest song was entirely in Spanish. Though I passed Spanish 3 in college with an A+, there was no way I could review it.

“Blow My Mind” is a song I can understand—in fact, it blows my mind. From the playful instrumental to her sensual voice gracing the mic, Karrington checks all the boxes of a classic R&B song. It’s almost no wonder that she delved into singing in Spanish, because she’s seemingly mastered R&B in English. “When in Barcelona,” Karrington’s latest single, suggests the artist may easily traverse R&B in another language.

Karrington’s Spotify bio mentions that her music is influenced by music from the early 2000s. She’s even kept the subject matter you would hear in a song from that part of the decade. “My best friend, my baby / my man, I’m your lady / The way you always putting it down got me feeling weak,” is as suggestive as it is classic. She crafted a unique voice in her music that allows “Blow My Mind” to sound like less of an ode to early pop and R&B, and more original. 

“Blow My Mind” is the perfect song to have playing when it’s time to bring your sexy side to the forefront. It’s safe to say that looking out for more music from Karrington is a great idea. For now, head to her Spotify to check out “Blow My Mind,” “When in Barcelona,” and the rest of her discography.

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