Ka.Jay And HeySeuss Collab For ‘Kay.Seuss’

Ka.Jay and Seuss collab for a single song that later turned into the 14-track EP ‘Kay.Seuss.’

On Wednesday, January 23, Atlanta artists Ka.Jay and HeySeuss, dropped the joint project, Kay.Suess. The 14-track EP started out with a single song, “WannaB,” when the producer, K1AYE1, pitched the idea between the two East Side rappers to do an EP of beats they could compile from friends and the Internet. Soon it went from one EP to two, so they “just did it like that.”

Photo by Mooz (IG: @_moooz)

Ka.Jay’s success in the music industry is slowly creeping behind other performers from the ATL. In contrast to Ka.Jay, HeySeuss is a visual artist and videographer that was handed a mic to do one track, and the rest was history. HeySeuss also noted on his Instagram, “I’m not an artist, rapper, or singer, but hand me a mic and we’ll make sum shake.” Between Ka.Jay’s endless flows and Seuss’s free-spirited personality that’s evitable in his rhymes, the two carry each other smoothly and simultaneously from verse to verse.

Be sure to check out Kay.Seuss now available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music.


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