JWords & Koncept Jack$on Team up on “300” Music Video

The track immediately goes to work with keeping you entranced with its futuristic sounds.

On June 26, we saw the premiere of the “300” music video by JWords & Koncept Jack$on. The track, coming off of JWords’ “Year 2300 EP,” immediately goes to work with keeping you entranced with its futuristic sounds. Add in the work of Dane, Ang!e, and 7th Flow Productions with directing the video, and Citia Coleman with hair styling, and we get visuals that go just right with the track. 

The video for “300” opens with both artists donning all black and sporting shades straight out of The Matrix. But it doesn’t stop there. Within the first few seconds we’re given glimpses of effects, ranging from the use of static, pixelation, and even the famous digital rain from The Matrix, that do a great job of setting the scene. 

From the lyrics, to the sounds, to the video itself, they all work in tandem (much like the full team behind the video) to create an experience that is both unique and oddly nostalgic. For all of two minutes and 41 seconds, we get to see JWords & Koncept Jack$on do what they do best in a way that immediately makes you think of your favorite hip hop duos.

If you enjoy bars that take you back to the late 90s of New York Rap, and a beat and accompanying sounds that’ll give you a taste of the future, then you’ll want to check out the video to “300” ASAP.   

You can check out the video directly below. Be sure to also check out JWords’ SoundCloud and Koncept Jack$ons’ SoundCloud for more of their work.

Directed by Dane, Ang!e, and 7th Flow Productions.

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