jez.who releases new hip-hop banger ‘Brooklyn, Go Hard’

jez.who is back with a black trans brag track!

The Brooklyn-bred artist, now based in Los Angeles, presents us with a braggadocious and bold new song, ‘Brooklyn, Go Hard’, with a stomping drum beat and lyrics to match. Written and self-produced by jez.who, ‘Brooklyn, Go Hard’ is a bold fantasy where the non-binary artist is cat-calling back and demanding respect. 

The song is aimed to contribute to conversations on sexuality and self confidence. jez.who is in their next era as an artist and musician, utilizing their various experiences as a Black trans person living in a world that doesn’t understand the vastness of their experience.

“Every time I walk in a bar

They hatin’ on a nigga 

Cause they know it, I’m a star

Get ya QT snatched if I see ’em from afar

You buying drinks… I’m gettin’ head in ya car”

“This song came from my frustration with not being seen as I am,” says jez.who. “I think people that are attracted to me, they see their desire first, and respect goes out the window. So ‘Brooklyn, Go Hard’ is kind of an inner monologue of how I would approach those people…”

Stream ‘Brooklyn, Go Hard’ by jez.who on Bandcamp, YouTube, and on the artist’s website.

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