The Brooklyn-rapper sheds new light on each track; inciting more introspection concerning the character of a fuckboy.

Have you bumped JayProb’s debut EP, FUCKBOY BLUES. Released on Valentine’s Day, this project serves as poison to any relationship established under wrongdoings, miscommunication and lies. The idea that there are no decent men, and that every guy you mess with is in fact a fuckboy, is what this tape embodies. The Brooklyn-rapper sheds new light on each track; inciting more introspection concerning the character of a fuckboy.

The project is a total of eight tracks, with two of them identifying as more of a skit than a song. Two songs on the EP have already graced listeners’ ears. “W 148th St.” and “Like LL” were both previously published on Jay’s Spotify. That leaves listeners down to only four new tracks, but it’s well worth the wait. FUCKBOY BLUES distances the artist from the lyrics. Instead of two isolated songs which may subscribe to the idea that Jay himself is a fuckboy, the tracks find themselves as a supporting cast which only makes their existence more thematic. The skit, tentatively donned, “Love Letter,” could be from the artist’s phone, or it could be staged. With an album as well put together as FUCKBOY BLUES is, it’s hard to tell without insider knowledge.

One tune in particular not only assembles the tape, but showcases a variety of talents. “Unforgivable,” is the third song of the bouquet. Captain Ode and Onjrae are the credited features, each delivering outstanding bars that make for an all-star track. Jay does justice to the popular lyrics from Lisa Stansfield’s “All Around The World.” “Been around the world and I – I – I…” wafts through the chorus, splitting up each of the artists’ distinct vocals.

All three present artists chime in with unique styles, but they follow suit when tailoring the direction of their verse. Jay claims he’s “too young for this thing called love,” while Ode tells us, “I hit these bitches up, they already know wassup / so when I’m pulling up, there ain’t no questions asked.” Probably one of the most interesting lines from this song comes from the final artist to reach the mic. “When she asks me how to make shit last, I tell her ‘piss first’,” Onjrae beckons, what will be one of the most underrated bars of 2020.

But it’s not just the smooth flow or hand-crafted production; Jay enlisted two more musical acts, with enough knowledge of the inner-workings of a fuckboy, to produce this song. There is an energy that surrounds “Unforgivable,” that is enough to attract individuals seeking and rejecting fuckboys, alike.
We hope you avoided that fuckboy in your life this past Valentine’s Day weekend. Some might say you would have to avoid men in general to accomplish that. Whatever tickles your… pickle? That doesn’t sound right. What does sound right is JayProb’s debut EP, FUCKBOY BLUES. Maybe not the vibes you’d want on you and your partner’s special day, but a bop on any other day of the year. While you’re at it, head over to Jay’s Spotify right now.

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