Issa Watch Party for Appropriate Culture

Sunday, December 17, Julian Stephen collaborated with Bare Canvas Sounds for the Appropriate Culture Watch Party hosted by Blogxilla. While the technical aspects of the event was handled by Julian Stephen and the Brooklyn event curator of the group Viva La Burns, the sounds were in control by the Contro1freak, DamnitCarlos, Wah Gwan Twon and Silky Black. There was a special DJ guest appearance by Chiinky, ending off the night with a series of turn up tracks to keep the attendees going for an after party.

The lucky crowd was in for a huge treat, including the premiere of the final episodes of the sitcom, refreshments sponsored by Ciroc, and a QnA session with the cast of the sitcom (T. Simon, Justin Gerard, Alexa Leighton, Cleverly Chloe, Brandon “SNGDNC” Mellette, and Funny Julius). Julian Stephen emphasized throughout the night that this was a collaborative effort, and that’s exactly what the event perceived to be. It was a smooth fade out of the season for Appropriate Culture and a fade in to the second season.


Plans for the sitcom will of course include the current cast members, and many of the people involved in the production of the event and attendees. Julian Stephen shares most of his success with his bloodline and second family that he accumulated of the years as an independent artist. He never ceases to forget where he came from, tending to represent his hometown in Queens, his Alma mater, and extracurricular activities throughout his college career.

It was all smiles by the end of the watch party for Appropriate Culture, with the cast members signing autographs on printed posters given away as party favors along with stickers and buttons. Attendees were thrilled to see the final episode of season one, and are more than ecstatic for the upcoming season.

Appropriate Culture

You can see the pictures from the event here.

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