Isis Salam Announces New Album, (4U) (MYDEAR) (IN LUE OF FLOWERS), Due Out Spring 2023

Isis now returns to the spotlight, yet again proving her vocal skills as well as her playful side and a desire for her message to have an impact.

Isis Salam is making a triumphant return to the spotlight, with new project (4U) (MYDEAR) (IN LUE OF FLOWERS) due out Spring 2023. The album is an exploration and meditation on “BLK JOY,” the often contradictory realities facing a queer non nor-atypical black female artist. “Black” commonly associated with the negative and joy being its antithesis. Isis Salam yet again proves her vocal skills, versatility as well as her playful side with a sincere desire for her music to have an impact. Powerful music, as diverse as her story of strife and self discovery.

Featuring collaborations with legendary Chicago hip house producer Tyree Cooper (best known for Billboard chart topper “Turn Up The Bass”) and Kelvin Scholar (of composer for Q-Tip, Carl Craig, Stevie Wonder), (4U) (MYDEAR) (IN LUE OF FLOWERS) blends the sounds of deep house bass lines, Dilla-esque jazz & hip shaking disco grooves, joining Salam’s past and future. Part one of her three-part anthology of music, (4U) is poised to enlighten the masses on Salam’s skills as a formidable singer/songwriter, rapper, producer and a truth seeker.

Listen to Bills N Tings

Her latest single, “FlyTrap,” released just two months after “Bills N Tings,” gives us more of a taste of Isis Salam’s lyrical prowess and undeniable skills as an emcee. As stated in the chorus, “Too Fly, not to Fly.” A tour de force return from multi hyphenate artist Isis Salam, which aims the spotlight on her talent for turning out un-categorizable rap tracks which blends soul, funk and pop effortlessly.

Keep an eye for Isis Salam and her upcoming album (4U) (MYDEAR) (IN LUE OF FLOWERS).

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