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Just before the new year arrived, we moved our beloved “Hot New Releases” playlist to a platform dedicated to prioritizing and empowering grassroots music communities worldwide.

Currents has a powerful set of tools for individual or collective ideas. You can create channels as a space to share thoughts or playlists. Many independent artists have used Currents as another source of income by emphasizing careful, consistent curation, exclusive uploads and more.

The Currents community is focused on lifting each other up. The team at Currents, including Ros and Michael, are constantly experimenting with feature updates and new tools based on the community’s feedback. One ongoing project that has created broad support structures for the worldwide music community, COMMON.

COMMON is a virtual experience presented by, where guests can explore various rooms, talk to other listeners, artists and collectives in the public chat rooms, as well as start video-chats and private chat rooms.

On December 12, 2020, our very own DJ FLWRSHRK was a participating artist, which she described as “very dope!” In general, the Currents project provides a set of tools through which any member of the music community can create their own digital space.

You can sign up for an account here, and subscribe to our Hot New Releases playlist once you’ve signed up!

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