Hot New Releases #35

Here’s some of the latest heat we’ve found while surfing the internet. Check it out and share with us some tracks you’ve been listening to in the comments below 👀


Lil Gray (@graythegreatest)

Oooo (2018)

khalil blu (@kahlilblu)


Pink Siifu (@PinkSiifu)

Absurt Wurld Kuntry

Mo Serious (@mrmoseriosu)

“End of the Earth”

mavi (@mavi4mayor)


 Bored Lord (@bored_lord)

When Fire Rains

Ase Manual (@asemanual)

Perdón (The Louie Vega Remixes)

Conclave, Louie Vega (@conclavemusic, @louievega)

That’s all we got for this week but you can subscribe to our playlist at!

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