Hot New Releases #32

HOT. NEW. RELEASES. from the week of 7/19 – 7/25.

We love a good jam from local and underground artists. That’s why we always share our findings with the rest of the world. Check out our latest finds, below:


Stéfon Charlot (@stefonxcharlot)

Say It to Me

Jimi (@jimisounds)


Sebastian Gaskin (@sebastiangaskin)

Can I Love

Kitsuna (@kitsunamusic)

Somebody New

Pat Dimeo (@pat.dimeo)

We’re Never Done

DJ Agile (@djagile)

Game Changer

Jay Robb (@jayrobb.ig)

Get Myself Over You

Dawson Gamble (@dawson.gamble)


YANNA! (@ayannamoonah)


Giulliano (@officialgiulliano)

Check out all these songs below on Sound Cloud! What new music did you listen to lately?

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