Hot New Releases #26

HOT. NEW. RELEASES. from the week of 6/7 – 6/13.

Another week and we have yet to fail to deliver. Here are some of the latest drops we tuned into from the last week.

Midnight Carlight

Sam the Astronaut (@samtheastonautmusic)

So Did I

The Lagoons (@thelagoonsmusic)


Lgaon Richards (@loganrichardmusic)


Raini Lofi (@rainilofi)

No Cap

Austin Steele (@austinsteelemusic)

If You Love Me”

Najee Rayne (@damnnaj)


Trick Papi (@trickpapi)

Deja Vu

Romey McFly (@freerometheworld)

Check out all these songs below on Sound Cloud or Spotify! What new music did you listen to lately?

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