Hot New Releases #25

HOT. NEW. RELEASES. from the week of 5/31 – 6/6.

We rounded up another batch of awesome new music for you to bump for wherever you need to go — whether it’s the living room or your essential job.

Lovin’ You” feat. Divine Brown (@divine_brown_music)

Donny Anderson (@donnyandersonsings)

Loser, Pt. 2

T. Thomason (@swtbbt) & Ria Mae (@riaisawake)

Victimless Crimes

Keffa (@keffaleng)

Everything About Me

Dawson Gamble (@dawson.gamble)

Waste My Time

Langston Francis (@langstonfrancis)

Summer Again

MILQ (@thisismilq)

I Feel It // Activation Groove

DJ Swisha (@djswisha)


LATASHÁ (@callmelatasha)


Suzi Analogue (@suzianalog)


Raini Lofi (@rainilofi)

Bad Blood” feat. Daylyt (@daylyt2k)

Sparkz GAWD (@sparkzgawd) & Apex GAWD (@apex_gawd)

Heinrich Wilhim Ernst’s Solo VIolin Works

Chia-Chien Goh (@chiachiengoh)

Check out all these songs below on Sound Cloud or Spotify! What new music did you listen to lately?

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