HAVS’ Lemonriot

[HAVS] is here to present her list of demands for men, something other women will be able to use as a template.

Men often complain that they don’t know what women want from them. Communication issues for the former present a challenge for both parties. But fear not; HAVS is a Canadian recording artist, with a sound best described as new-wave hip-hop / R&B. She is here to present her list of demands for men, something other women will be able to use as a template. Her brand new album, Lemonriot, is all about the things she wants, and doesn’t want, from men. 

“The name of this album is something I relate to more now then I did when I came up with it,” the independent singer wrote in an Instagram post, highlighting the then upcoming release of her new album. “It’s also a reminder to embrace any curveballs life throws at you, accept what you know, and not take yourself so seriously.” 

HAVS’ first single for the project, “FYM,” was released on January 29. The song features a soothing, sensual beat, fitting for the mood HAVS wants listeners to settle into. She is blatantly telling a guy that she doesn’t want his money, amongst other things. “I don’t want your fancy cars, what you do when life gets hard / Only wanted you to tell me ‘Babe sit back, let me take charge’,” HAVS’ is telling us, Meanwhile an admirer is waiting for her at the club with a booth. She rejects the invitation with a missed call, already letting the listener in on the secret that she doesn’t want to be at the club, and would prefer something more exclusive. 

“FYM,” is accompanied by a music video, simultaneously released. HAVS connected with Vincent Tang for the visuals, who previously helped her translate her 2019 song, “More Lies,” to film. The setting in Tang’s interpretation features a house-like environment, and plenty of people that have made themselves feel right at home. “The room in the video is a metaphor for my mind. We tried to capture how chaotic, random and disjointed it was, with influences in every corner,” HAVS elaborated. “We used lemons as the currency to get into the room to tie in with the EP [title].”

As you will find out when you listen to the album, Lemonriot echoes the same ideas presented in “FYM.” The aforementioned track is actually the second on the project, preceded by the song “Exotic.” In this song, she introduces the idea of wanting a man completely to herself. “Don’t stop, looking at me,” echoes throughout the chorus. Simple words, but after listening to another song on the album, “Take Care,” it can mean much more. “I’m over all these boys tellin’ me lies, to get everything they desire / With him in the back of the cab tryna start something new, tell me why I ain’t droppin the thought of u,” HAVS effortlessly delivers in the first verse. An overall message, sort of an amalgamation of her desires presented in both songs, is that she wants one guy to be different, or “exotic.”
HAVS is concocting a dope ass vibe, and helping women sift through their expectations of men at the same time. You would be doing yourself a grand service by checking out Lemonriot immediately. And if you like her latest compilation, check out her older works on her Spotify.

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