Have You Heard Jeremy Voltz’s Latest Single ‘Like The Very First Time’

Canadian singer Jeremy Voltz released his latest single, ‘Like The Very First Time‘. ‘Like The Very First Time‘ is the first single from Jeremy upcoming record, “Weekender,” set to release on October 22. It’s a love song to a memory of what once was.

Jeremy co-wrote ‘Like The Very First Time’ with R&B producer Beatchild. While he initially wasn’t sure of what the song was about, his inspiration for the song struck much later while watching an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

“‘Like The Very First Time‘ makes a nod to the star-crossed relationship between Buffy and Angel, who are perfect for each other but can’t be together due to a convoluted plot-line involving an ancient curse,” he says.

“In the episode The Prom, they slowed dance one last time and remember how much they care about each other before Angel leaves forever for LA (to be on his own show).”

‘Like The Very First Time’ is an upbeat anthem with a bittersweet message. Jeremy summed it up best. “You both know it has to end, but you still care, and there’s still a lot that you’re going to miss.”

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