GUS Asks Questions and Tells All in ‘Lies’

GUS invites us to navigate the universal unease around infatuation, attraction and how we act on the unease around infatuation, attraction, and reaction. “‘Lies’ is a confused, desperate, and exciting track,” GUS admits, “revealing the frustrations of keeping your mouth closed and the relief that comes when you and the person you like are able to admit that you’re more than friends.”

‘Lies’ follows GUS’s last single ‘19’ which was an introspective dive into the emotions involved with coming-of-age. This new track’s video was directed by Harry Toohey and with additional filming by Evan Paterakis and Matt Connor. ‘Lies” Once Upon a Time in Hollywood inspired visuals emphasize bright instrumentals’ infused into these melancholic progressions. 

“I won’t sit here and pretend like communication has always been my strong suit, especially when it comes to sharing my feelings. ‘Lies’ explores just that and the lies we tell ourselves to hide what we are actually feeling.”

You can stream ‘Lies’ on all platforms and you can follow GUS on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook.

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