Greetings From Canada 003

It’s September, and these artists are not taking their foot off the gas — guess it’s cheaper in Canada.

We’re back with even more great Canadian music. Do yourself a favor and check out these amazing songs from a variety of awesome arists:

3’s A CROWD” – Madison Olds

High For You” – Sam The Astronaut

Dropped” – Ekelle

Guava” – 3409

Riches” – Sidny x Chaix

BUBBLE” – Alexis Lynn

Trigger” – NIIVA

I Don’t Care” – Dawson Gamble

Shiny” – Sam Louis

KMOTM” – Peter Katz

Palo Santo” – Amanda Frances

Things You Said” – Silk Tonic

Cheap Gold” – Josh Tavares

All I Wanted” – Abby J Hall

All That We Didn’t” – Laur Elle

tangerine” – Ellyn Woods

Oh Canada! Follow the link below to check out all these songs on Spotify! What new music did you listen to lately?

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