Greetings From Canada 001

Because not all Canadians play hockey.

We haven’t completely abandoned our ‘Hot New Releases’ playlist, we’re just switching things up a bit. Our friends north of the border are relentless in their approach; continuously sending us their new music. They’re almost in a league of their won, so we gave them their own playlist.

Check out the inaugural lineup for our ‘Greetings From Canada’ playlist, featuring a bunch of new faces:

Thunder” – Tom Boy (@loveyourtomboy)

Hold Me” – Olivia Lunny (@olivialunny)

My Ex” – ASHS (@ashs)

Look To The Moon” – Chemical Dreams (@chemicaldreamsofficial)

Small Talk” – 3409 (@apt3409)

Home” – Rainer + Grimm (@rainerandgrimm) & Brianna Corona (@bricomusic)

Designer Lies” – Sam Lapro (@samlapro)

Life In a Video” – The Accents (@the.accents)

Take Me Home” – X. ARI (@xariofficial)

Hot Hot Heat” – Odario (@odario)

I Still See You At Parties” – Port Cities (@port_cities) & Emma-Lee (@emmadashlee)

Oh Canada! Check out all these songs below on Spotify! What new music did you listen to lately?

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