Get Your “Cookies” From Ase Manual

Ase Manual has been on our radar since the release of his first full-length project, “Gems,” with Like That Records back in 2016. Fast forward to today, Ase has blessed us with another project, “Cookies,” a thematic sequel to “Lumi” which was released earlier this year.

The digital cassette tape consists of eight tracks all ending with the word ASS, and to be frank, that was all we could think about shaking once we finished listening to the project in its entirety. In a tweet, Ase wrote, “my real life is afro futurism, the way i express my self is afro futuristic, you trace my blood line and look at me you see afro future…you can’t put fear in the real, cookies out at midnight

While self-promoting the release of “Cookies” on social media, Ase also found a way to slip in his style of music. He has always been on this wavelength when it comes to music. In a previous interview with HangTime, the Jersey-based artist described his music as gems, “it is it’s own thing, it is an expression.” And that’s exactly what “Cookies” is. From ‘BLACK ASS’ to ‘TOXIC ASS,’ heads will roll and asses will shake. ‘STANK ASS’ has to be one of our favorite tracks from the project, especially with its use of the infamous line, “she be walking ‘round acting all stank,’” from Swizz Beatz’ hit song, ‘Money In The Bank.’ We love a good use of an early-2000s sample.

Ase Manual stands out as an electronic revolutionary, steadily delivering radical compositions and it shows beyond “Cookies.” In March, “Lumi” was released and that had so much soul between the funk and jazz and house. For “The Way of Earth Kid,” Ase collaborated with renowned violinist, Stephanie Yu, for a moving performance. But Ase’s artistry doesn’t stop at the music, even his album covers speak volumes. Between “Cookies” and “Lumi” it’s difficult to decide which cover is better than the other, you’d just have to see for yourself and let us know in the comments below.

You can stream/buy Ase Manual’s “Cookies” and “Lumi” on all music streaming platforms.

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