Combining R&B, Rock-infused live instrumentation and indie electronic elements

Today, Austin’s electronic-rock duo Moonlight Depot reveal their frenetically captivating single Houseplant.” The self-produced electronic anti-pop offering features lush R&B vocals from Kanui, which lay over a rich fusion of live-recorded vintage blues guitar musings and the more contemporary sonic textures of EDM. The genre-defying production perfectly supports Kanui’s lyrics, which paint the internal struggle of someone who is living in two separate worlds as they attempt to balance time dedicated to their vocation while also trying to be devoted to their lover, feeling a sense of responsibility for their well-being and how often these seemingly unrelated aspects of life battle for your attention. It’s a potent concoction that will leave the listener wanting more, as the musical tapestry ripples through the senses like the warm waves of libation on a sultry summer evening.  

“Caught up in emotions / But I’m doin fine / In the Garden / Yeah between her thighs / Said she been done / And I got no time to think about it / Said I’m too damn selfish / But could you live without me”

Lyrics from Moonlight Depot’s “Houseplant” 

Composed of multi-instrumentalist Carl Bernicker and DJ/Producer Ander Baizan, Moonlight Depot was born from the desire to bolster a return to musicality in the electronic space. The combination of Bernicker’s Jimi Hendrix inspired live guitar and bass alongside the innovative modern electronica production by Baizan allows each listener to have a unique and compelling auditory experience, synthesizing three genres that were fundamental to the formation of each of their musical identities (Bernicker – Rock, Baizan – Electronic, and featured artist Kanui – R&B). 

“Houseplant” follows the release of Moonlight Depot’s 2021 debut single “Fool.” The duo performed their debut show at the iconic Native Hostel Ballroom in Austin (sold out), and recently opened for dominant house superstar Carnage. In 2022, listeners can expect nationwide performances and exciting new collaborations as they continue to solidify their position as the South’s most exciting electronic-rock duo to watch.

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