Fashion For A Good Cause

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Angelman Syndrome Collections Showcase at Studio Arte in Chelsea, and I have to say that Joanna Marcella, the creator and founder of the annual event did an extraordinary job. There were so many talented and enriched designers from around the world, and to think they all came in solidarity for a great cause is amazing! I’ve been to quite a few fashion shows in my time, but this was my first for charity. Angelman Syndrome is an extremely rare and severe neurological disorder differentiated by developmental delays, motor coordination and balance issues, and epilepsy. Colin Farrell, whom Joanna was inspired by, along with her grandson who was diagnosed with AS, is also an advocate of AS awareness.

Everyone that participated in the show was absolutely incredible, but of course, I had my favorites.

Maggie Grace Fashion, FDC Young Designer

The first collection shown were that of the Young Designers — and their task was to create a style fit for a Great Gatsby party — my favorite look had to be Maggie Ammons of Maggie Grace Fashion. At only 15 years, she managed to impress me and everyone else in the room. I’m a hugeee fan of a nice tailored pant, and hers was executed nicely for a designer of her age. Pants are difficult to make, and her red satin pant didn’t have a sloppy hem nor did they slouch in any areas. I loved loved loved her beaded embroidered top. In comparison to the pants, it slouched perfectly and the embroidery was intricate. The fur jacket unified the look and added a bit of sophistication but flamboyancy, which screamed the 1920s.

Kimberly McLinden, FDC Young Designer Winner

The winner of the FDC Young Designer Award was Kimberly McLinden. I think this look just says,”if you’re selling wealth, you should just drip in pearls.” The plunge draped the front with a pearl choker necklace that transformed into a shawl, and the pearl headpiece was killer. Perfectly striking.

Daughter of Ra Designs
Daughter of Ra Designs

In the Mini Collections Showcase, Maryanne Meservey of Daughter of Ra Designs’ collection yelled drama, badass-ness with its dark and solemn colors. However, it had a bit of romanticism to it. When interviewing Maryanne before the show, she said that the center of her work is sustainability. All of her pieces were made with eco-friendly textiles.

Apart of the main event, Collections Showcase, Claire Ozee of ClairedUp brought her world onto the runway. Ozee was inspired by her hometown of London and its poverty, a situation she told me she knows well. Her collection had deconstruction, long lines, zippers, raised shoulders, and each look stood on its own — all while keeping the collection unified. Her collection had to be my favorite of the night.


Every look was constructed beautifully. The models fit every look well too! Ozee personified the confident woman who isn’t afraid to take risks, and definitely knows where she comes from. “I wanted to show people that you can come from nothing and do something amazing.”

I just want to thank Joanna Marcella again for inviting HangTime Magazine to such an amazing event.

Raquel Stewart, Fashion Editor

Photography by Alex Joseph

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