Exclusive: Mike Gip Releases Twerk Edit to Classic Jersey Club Track

Let’s Go Baby!

Long Branch-musical artist Mike Gip’s notorious track, “She Get It From Her Mama,” is considered to be a Jersey club classic. At any given nightclub, you’d find a group of people rushing to form a circle in the middle of the dance floor at the sound of the first beat followed by, Where you get that from / Did you get if from your mama / Damn girl, does your mom got that ass / Baby, where did you get all that ass.

It’s been nearly ten years since “She Get It From Her Mama” was released for the public’s ear and just in time for Black History Month, Gip blesses us with a new remix called, “From Her Mama (Twerk Edit).”

Despite being incarcerated, the New Jersey dance artist wanted to give something to his fans and supporters. “It’s a crazy world out there,” Gip says “and I wanted to put something out to make people feel good.”

Before “From Her Mama (Twerk Edit)” was released, Gip dropped his “Chop” single showing off his rapping skills, which was produced by Pugg, another New Jersey-based artist. Circulation of the song reappeared on social media timelines shortly after this meme went public.

The meme may be funny, but Gip’s music is still being played worldwide (both remixes and original tracks). “It’s so surreal,” he says in awe. “It’s really weird…and I’m so grateful.” 

He may not be able to work in a studio setting like other producers and musical artists, but Mike Gip makes due with the resources he has. When it comes to his musical process he says, “it’s so sophisticated. Fiinesse (New Jersey-based artist) usually coordinates everything down to the samples. The vocals for ‘From Her Mama’ track were vocals they had from 2012.”

Feel Good Fiinesse is one of many dance artists and close friends with Mike Gip who keeps him up to date on the club scene. Without them we wouldn’t get bangers like “From Her Mama (Twerk Edit)” and “Chop,” which by the way, includes a snippet at the end made by Gutta.

The Jersey club community, and overall dance music community, needs Mike Gip. “In 10 years, I want to jump back in. I want to be a mogul and have my own label… Lead upcoming guys into the right path where they’ll never be taken advantage of.”

Tell us what you think of the remix in the comments below and be on the look out for Mike Gip’s “From Her Mama” EP, coming soon.

You can stream and download the track on Bandcamp.

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