Eunice Keitan Pleads For Peace in New Music Video for ‘Lay Your Weapons Down’

It is a reminder that the greatest casualties are often the poorest and most marginalized individuals.

July 23 brought upon the world the latest calling for peace on the Planet Earth. This time around, it’s Canada-based artist Eunice Keitan with her latest single, “Lay Your Weapons Down.” The track is paired with a striking music video which features archival footage from the Vietnam War.

“We know of the many civilians whose lives were torn apart and the soldiers in combat who were trapped in someone else’s war,” Keitan explains. “Many that were drafted were from poor, working class backgrounds – at the mercy of those in power.”

Keitan was not solely provoked by the remnants of a not so distant past, but a converstation she had with a friend. “I drew inspiration for ‘Lay Your Weapons Down’ from a conversation with a friend of mine who had been a refugee and imprisoned for protesting – fighting for basic rights of the most marginalized in his community,” Keitan says, shedding light on the particular origins of the track. “He suffered years of torture and psychological trauma but his spirit and hope for freedom and was unbreakable.”

Keitan continues: “I wanted to highlight the perspective of those that have been forced into conflict and had no other choice but to fight for survival or to leave their homes. At the same time, it is also a reminder that the greatest casualties are often the poorest and most marginalized individuals.”

Keitan, a person with Malaysian and Singaporean heritage, was proud to make a statement like this in the face of Asian-American racism that has reared its ugly face all over the United States.

Watch the powerful video for “Lay Your Weapons Down” below, and check out more from the super talented Eunice Keitan here. While you’re here, be sure to follow her on Instagram and stay alert for her next release.

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