DUBLAB Celebrates Its 21st Anniversary With Kelsey Lu, Nicolas Godin, Suzanne Ciani and more!

The station’s annual Anniversary Fundraiser will include a day-long (24 -hr continuous stream) broadcast, plus the DUBLAB bandcamp compilation and exclusive merchandise.

Every year dublab celebrates its community-supported and community-powered radio program, programmatic experiences and creative collaborations with our DJ’s, listeners, partners and beyond. These popular Anniversary Fundraisers allow for a moment of gratitude for the ongoing support we receive, a chance to give back to our community, and the opportunity to generate funding for the internationally beloved non-profit organization. 

In years past, Anniversary Fundraisers were held in diverse public and private venues, and brought together around 3,000 music fans, who would experience live performances, DJ sets and and other creative endeavors from our extended dublab community. Circumstances this year mean a departure to an online-only event, whilst we can’t physically be together, DUBLAB continues curating music for our listeners.

This Saturday, October 3, dublab will do what dublab always does, and use this moment as an opportunity to experiment and create unique documents that speak to our times,” said Alejandro Cohen, musician and composer and director of dublab. Cohen continued, “dublab will partner with Mixcloud Live and TuneIn to bring a weekend of live video performances and DJ sets that can be enjoyed safely from home.” More then thirty confirmed artists from different corners of the world including Kelsey Lu, IlI Camille, Julianna Barwick, Damar Davis, Heidi Lawden, Masha, Jeniluv, Suzanne Kraft, Silent Servant, Steve Roach, Nicolas Godin (AIR), and Maral, plus many more.

An exclusive line of merchandise will also be available online, and will feature t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, and cap designs by artists Jay Are & Lucky/ Rare Henderson. Proceeds will go towards reaching the Anniversary Fundraising goal of $10,000. 

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