Dolla$ign Dunn’s ‘One Bad Day’ is One Good Album

Dunn delivers seven powerful tracks, adding up to one good-ass album.

New Jersey native Dolla$ignDunn released his sophomore project, One Bad Day, on August 11, but he’s sounding like a rap senior. Accompanied by the likes of underground Hip-Hop legend Sir Michael Rocks, and Netherlands-based artist B. Fisher, Dunn delivers seven powerful tracks, adding up to one good-ass album.

The quality of One Bad Day should not come as a surprise. “Lighthouse” was the first single released from the project, all the way back in May, featuring the honorable Sir Michael Rocks. “Sir Michael Rocks is a staple in the underground Hip-Hop community so as a student of the game, it was only right I featured him,” Dunn says. A trumpet-centric beat during each verse creates a path for both artists to walk on. Dunn and Sir Michael each bring their A-game, lamenting a record which the Hip-Hop gods can smile upon with ease.

Photo courtesy of Dolla$ignDunn.

One Bad Day is for anyone who is having just that — a bad day. Dunn even credits the inspiration for the album to a bad day of his. ” I created a system in which I only let myself feel a way for one day. When I wake up the next morning, I’m back on my bullshit.” He hopes that for anyone who is having a bad day, listening to his album can shift your mood. “Music is medicine and I created this to be ingested as such. Listen to this when you’re feeling down, feeling blah, going through some real shit, or just want to vibe.”

Dunn is nowhere close to winding down, but you’re going to need to be tuned in if you want to find out his next move. “There are A LOT of things being birthed from this project, I cant speak on much at the moment.” Dunn insists that fans of his content sign up for his newsletter,, to keep up with his latest moves.

One Bad Day is available for streaming through the below. Let us know which song is your favorite in the comments below.

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