Do You Like S’mores?

When I say “s’mores,” I don’t mean the sweet delicacy of a graham cracker sandwich stuffed with marshmallows and chocolate… Or do I?

Regardless of whatever your thoughts were when clicking this article was, I hope you find these words intriguing when I tell you that this new 6 track original EP called, S’mores, from Lux Lynx and Big K, of BedsqueakSquad and JiggyThvtMusic, is sweet!

Each song has a smooth transition, with its soft bass and repetitive repetitive hi-hats that leave you in a relaxing mood. It’s not too bass heavy, but you can appreciate the sounds put together from each artists and how subtle and fluid it is.

S’mores is my personal favorite off this collaborative project. It’s upbeat, fun, and there’s this smooth vibe that you get from it.

I believe I am not a lone when I say that I have never been disappointed by the releases from either producer. This collaboration, like many others, is a solid representation of the direction club music has been, and will probably keep going. It’s exciting to see original club tracks appear and remind you that there’s more than just your usual edits and remixes.

The free downloadable version of S’mores EP will be available, Friday, January 27.

Cover art designed by Max Schramp.

Ebony Anderson-Brown, Editor in Chief & Publisher

Twitter: @unratedebony

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