DJ Swisha – Weird Flex EP

Brooklyn implant, DJ Swisha, dropped his “Weird Flex” EP this past month under Great Traks on all available streaming platforms. The artist is known by his supporters and fans as the meme-ster of the Internet, translating seamlessly into his track titles. For many who are not aware, weird flex but ok is a prominent phrase used among the users of the world wide web when someone proudly boasts or brags about something most people would find either awkward or irrelevant. DJ Swisha is an enigma in the dance community whether he knows it or not, and that shines through in the music that he creates. You can get a sense of that in this EP by listening here.

Weird Flex EP.jpg

Artist Name: DJ Swisha

Title: Weird Flex

Affiliates: Juke Bounce Werk, Great Traks


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