Descendent’s “Black Survival”

This track could never be more relevant than now, citing the widespread protests of police brutality in America.

Harlem-based rapper Descendent sits us down for another lesson with his latest release, “Black Survival.” The single was released March 29 and features bars from Boston-based artist, Battle Axe. Fellow Bostonian, Dupes, lays the smooth, reggae-centric beat which samples Bob Marley and The Wailers’, “Survivors.” This two-and-a-half minute track could never be more relevant than now, citing the widespread protests of police brutality in America.

Descendent wastes no time setting course for the acknowledgement of issues plaguing Black people in the United States. “Gun firin’ off shots / The bullets came in hot / The black body drops / The drama will never stop,” he spits during his take. It’s no secret that being a black person in America can be dangerous, no matter who you are or where you come from. Whether it is the police, racists, or fellow Black men putting them down, violence against them is nearly a social norm. Descendent’s words insinuate there is no end in sight.

Battle Axe does not ease off the gas pedal as he continues to address grievances on behalf of the Black community. “There’s profits in the business of imprisoning our fathers / The degradation, exploitation of our daughters,” he passionately exclaims in his verse. These words cut deep, as deep as discrimination and injustice runs throughout this land. Axe brings up two important facts; Black people are imprisoned at an alarmingly high rate in the U.S. and that Black women are often objectified in the media and in general. Both points are on par with other deeply-rooted issues within the Black community, such as gun violence brought up by Descendent.

There is no question Descendent and Battle Axe know their shit. It’s just a matter of delivering the message, and for that they receive an A+. “Black Survival” was built with social consciousness, just right for listening on your way to a protest, or at home because you couldn’t make it. Check out “Black Survival” below to hear the rest of what they have to say regarding injustices amongst Black persons.

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