Dani Kristina Releases New Disco-Pop Single, ‘Gambler’

‘Gambler’ explores the agony of wondering whether or not the other person in a relationship reciprocates your feelings.

Award-winning artist Dani Kristina recently released her hot new disco-pop single, ‘Gambler,’ along with the official music video featuring TikTok star Katarina Mogus (@katamogz). Inspired by her own personal experiences as well as those around her, ‘Gambler’ explores the agony of wondering whether or not the other person in a relationship reciprocates your feelings. Produced by Grammy-nominee Trevor James Anderson and written by Dani herself, this energetic disco-pop track was influenced by the sound of various artists, sonically encompassing the vintage synths heavily present in the work of Dua Lipa, the ‘new’ Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson.

‘Gambler’ tells the story of a failed relationship in which one person was always more invested than the other. The song explores the risks of being ‘all in’ with somebody without being aware of those risks to begin with. Dani self-directed and edited the video, working alongside cinematographer Paul Persic to make the vision come to life. Taking place in a vintage casino, the visuals express the symbolism of the lyrical story by showing Dani and her opponent, @katamogz, playing a tense game of blackjack, in which the dealer represents the person they both have feelings for. While the two ‘play’ to win him, he ultimately holds the cards that decide who wins.

Following the successful release of her debut EP ‘Aura,’ Dani Kristina has been working hard to establish her sound as an up-and-coming pop artist. From dancy pop anthems to moody, emotional ballads, Dani has a little bit of everything for every listener.

Just like Taylor Swift, Lennon Stella, Halsey, and countless other inspirations, Dani knows how to write bangers. Through the process of writing over 600 songs as a teenager and training as a classical pianist and vocalist, she has found her niche. Dani is a confident, mature, creative, and open-minded artist with diverse musical roots which allow her to experiment with complex harmonies within her songwriting.

She’s also taken inspiration from creatives in her hometown. Growing up near Toronto, Ontario, she’s spent her whole life taking in diverse soundscapes, curating her own unique sound, and experimenting with different styles. Dani is dedicated to her vision and actively collaborates with local talent as she becomes a recognized artist in her own right. This past year, she was named Best New Solo Artist by Canadian Music Week and Mississauga Music. Her music video for ‘Drift Away,’ won Best Pop Music Video at Dropout Entertainment’s Independent Canadian Music Video Awards.

The release of ‘Gambler’ is just the beginning for Dani Kristina. In the coming months she will be releasing more tracks that explore the relationship dynamics presented in ‘Gambler’ as well as one’s feelings as they change over time.

The single is now available on all streaming platforms including Apple Music , Spotify and YouTube. Be sure to follow Dani Kristina on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to keep up with new releases.

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