Contra$t – “By Design”

Bronx rapper and producer Contra$t blesses listeners with latest sounds from The Kids collective. On Saturday, June 8, he dropped off a new single, “By Design.” Placed over an edgy-trippy-hybrid beat provided by fellow group member Muso, Contra$t is letting everyone know that all he is doing is “by design.” This marks the second release in-a-row from The Bronx group featuring  Contra$t on the mic, and the production duo of Muso and the MC. It is the second release since their group-tape, The Kids Tape. Designs infer a structure, or a plan. Expect to see more music from Contra$t and the boys soon.



Artist name: Contra$t

Title: By Design

Production: Contra$t and Muso

Affiliates: The Kids