ChrisLee makes us all flight risks with new single

ChrisLee sings of how some relationships lead you to dropping your five year plan and in danger of becoming a flight risk.

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, ChrisLee, released his newest single, “Flight Risk” on April 9th. His lighthearted track captures the head spinning sensation of falling hard and fast. Sometimes, when things go really well with someone, momentum picks up and before you know it you’re dropping your five year plan and in danger of becoming a flight risk.

ChrisLee isn’t new to the music scene. He’s assisted artists such as Busta Rhymes, Miguel, and Shakira. He pursued music early on by attending Berklee College of Music, he solidified his love for it by founding earth + water records, and was recently featured on season 2 of Songland.

Along with music, ChrisLee is an avid yogi and a passionate advocate for mental well being. A large focus of earth + water records is assuring artists maintain positive mental health. This mindset is echoed through the  music he produces, including “Flight Risk.” This pop record acts as a short, sonic burst of sunlight amidst a doomfilled world. When listening, you can’t help but add a bounce to your step.

Flight risk is available wherever you listen to music.

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