Check out Lamb Rabbit’s “Another Day // Every Time”: The Drop

Lamb Rabbit- “Another Day // Every Time”

To celebrate the first anniversary of her album Heart True, producer, DJ, and singer Lamb Rabbit released a brand new track called, “Another Day // Every Time”. The track gives us two songs in one. In the first half, “Another Day”, Lamb Rabbit captures the feeling of moving forward even though you’re still going through the motions. “My feels flow on. My heart it beat strong. Got the will to push on.” she croons. 

The second half , “Every Time”, takes a turn. Lamb Rabbit is joined by guest verses from artists Lee Jardine and Roky’s Reign for a reverb-laden moment of reflection. The three trade verses about looking to the past. In the end, Lamb Rabbit reminds us that although it’s important to move on, it is just as important to look backward.

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