Carobae releases “The Longest Year: Part Two”

Self-taught producer and songwriter, carobae, sings to those who don’t always speak nicely to themselves.

Tennessee-based indie-pop singer, songwriter, and producer carobae recently released her newest EP, “The Longest Year: Part Two.” In it, Carobae’s knack for writing and producing intimate and achingly relatable music shows through just as strongly as ever. The five song tracklist flows nicely with her previous EP and album, each song embodies thoughtful lyrics and clear vocal talent.

Carobae manages to sing to the loneliest parts of ourselves. She’s not trying to cheer that part up, she simply acknowledges that it’s there.“ Talking to Myself,” “Ur Ex from College,” and “Leave it There” act as especially profound songs to put on when throwing a pity party for one. There’s a slow enough tempo to sway along slowly in your room, transporting you to college heartbreak, the difficulty of accepting yourself in your early twenties, and the dangers of simply reminiscing on your past self and past relationships.  

Carobae previously released three singles from the EP; it’s completed with two additional songs. The EP is a sequel to “The Longest Year: Part One,” released in September 2020. As with previous releases, she wrote and produced ever song on the EP. Producing is a skill she developed out of necessity, she couldn’t afford to pay the $400 charge every time she wanted to record in Nashville. Producing her own music allowed her to have complete creative control. Accumulating millions of streams from her debut mixtape, “songs from 3am,” she left her listeners with tear-streaked faces and high expectations for future music. 

The release almost didn’t happen, it was pushed months after the initial date. Carobae took to instagram to explain the delay.

“i almost didn’t release this. some of these songs are about two years old and i’m in a much different place than i was when i wrote them. then i realized how much writing these songs got me through shit, and i thought hey maybe they could resonate with other ppl. so here u go.”

Carobae, once again, curated the perfect set of late-night-sad-hour-drive songs, the tears will continue to flow. Stream ‘The Longest Year: Part Two”’ wherever you listen to music.

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