Camp Bandcamp

It’s August 7, Bandcamp Friday! Support an artist by purchasing music and merch from their Bandcamp. Don’t wait!

Friday, August 7 is #BandcampFriday. The music sharing platform will be allocationg 100% of revenue to the artist. Just for the occasion, we compiled a bunch of music for you to stream and purchase from artists across the the country, and beyond!

We have artists you may already be familiar with, and a bunch of new additions. Check out ‘Camp Bandcamp’, and let us know which artist YOU supported:

Portrait of a Ruined Country” – Ibn Itaka (@ibnitaka)

Fire In The Hole” feat. Marvelito (@1marvelito) – Ase Manual (@asemanual)

Rush” – Tim Perdoch (@timperdoch)

’65 Million Beers Ago‘ – Fuck Yeah Dinosaurs (@fuckyeahdinosaurs)

‘Emotional Bangers Only’ – Russell Ellington Langston Butler (@russellelbutler)

Nature Vol. 2‘ – Ur Maa (@urmaasounds)

The Wizard’s Scroll‘ – brainorchestra (@brainorchestra_)

Salad Bowl‘ – A. Sarr (@a_sarr)


Overcast‘ – Lektor Scopes (@lektorscopes)

MUNDOS‘ – INVT (@invt305)

special delivery” – Naja Young (@najayoung)

Marathon‘ – GRRL (@grrlmusic)

Pressures‘ – Moma Ready (@moma_ready)

Year 2300‘ – JWords (@_jwords)

Eleventh Wind‘ – AKAI SOLO (@shinlonered)

Breathless (Keeping Me Up All Night) [Remixes, Pt. 2]‘ – moistbreezy (@moistbreezy)

SU CASA‘ – Suzi Analogue (@suzianalog)


We Got Time” – Letsgokiiid! (@letsgokiid)

WANDER‘ – Sjayy (@sjayyofficial)

Bichiyal by Ba Bunny (Dana Lu Edit)” – Dana Lu (@djdanalu)

I beg ya Pardon” – Semiratruth (@semiratruth)

D.O.N.E. (Don of a New Era)‘ – Don Da Menace (@dondamenace)

An Unknown Infinite‘ – AMANI ( & king vision ultra (@kingvultra)

Bmore Club Gems Volume 2‘ – Mighty Mark (@iammightymark)

PAST LIFE.‘ – LATASHÁ (@callmelatasha)

Four More Days” – Hua Li (@hualigram)

Magikal” – jez. (@afemmenigga)

STAND BACK” feat. DJ 93rd – UNIIQU3 (@uniiqu3music)

HSTLE.TPE.006‘ – BROWN_BUDDHA (@buddhbeats)

Heat Check” – Ma$k On (@maskonofficial)

This is who i am now‘ – The Psychedelic Squirrel (@psych_squirrel)

Rock Me Famideus” – Inverse Phase (@inversephase)

We’re so happy to do our part on this Bandcamp Friday. Let us know who we need to look out for on the next iteration in September.

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