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BrazyXay in September 2020

HangTime is honored to celebrate BrazyXay’s new hit single titled “ Need Me”. This talented nineteen-year-old YouTuber and rapper is on the verge of becoming a well polished artist in the music industry. His new track gives listeners an upbeat pop-rap type vibe with a compelling hook backed with thrilling verses that is mixed with a flow that perfectly fits the tone like a puzzle piece. BrazyXay has only been making music for a month now and is already gaining buzz for a couple of songs that he released on SoundCloud. “Need Me” has been reeling in massive plays since release and is still increasing. BrazyXay brings a brand new vibe and sound to rap music overall, he is undoubtedly the next big thing.

BrazyXay originally started on YouTube before getting into the music industry. He started gaining a massive fan base by making  hilarious reaction videos and prank videos which really sparked his career. BrazyXay first began to have an eye to be a video creator when he was in grade school. His teacher would assign projects and BrazyXay would create funny skits with his siblings to turn in to his teacher. That is what fueled BrazyXay to become a content creator which he is now. He was also influenced by his favorite YouTubers like FlightReacts, Solluminati, and CashNasty as they encouraged him to start his very own YouTube channel. 

Aside from YouTube, BrazyXay also was interested in music. His most recent track “Need Me” has been gaining massive recognition in the media since its release. This truly shows how talented BrazyXay is being able to perform well in the music industry and on the YouTube platform. The song “Need Me” can be found on SoundCloud so make sure you check out this hot track and stay up to date with BrazyXay on social media:

Instagram: BrazyXay

Twitter: BrazyXay1

Facebook: BrazyXay

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