Bossa Nova Civic Club Presents, Dweller Festival: Celebrating Underground Black Electronic Artists

Cover photo credit Jackie Molloy from The New York Times

Between Wednesday, February 6 and Sunday, February 11, Bossa Nova Civic Club commemorated its first edition of the six-day festival, Dweller, in honor of underground Black artists. The name, Dweller, is also in reference to Drexciyan mythology and futurism paying tribute to the Deep Sea Dwellers of the Atlantic Ocean, or third space, as well as the legends of Black underground electronic music, Drexciya. The Brooklyn venue partnered up with small organizations such as Like That Recs and Underground & Black, filling their establishment corner to corner each night, the first beginning with the online radio station, Halfmoon BK, with mixes from Dee Diggs, Devoye, and Donis.


The line of events all had a common theme, and if you couldn’t tell from the get-go, they’re celebrating Black creatives. Attendees are still celebrating and recovering from the eventful week, and you can join in on the fun, too. Visit Resident Advisor and find out more information about Black Unicorn and Hardcorset.

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