Boffa Gets Personal With New Album “The Deeper You Dive, The Realer It Gets”

After releasing two singles and an EP last year, Adelaide Rapper Boffa is prepared to raise the bar higher in 2021 with his most personal project to date. “The Deeper You Dive, The Realer It Gets,” is an 11-track project, featuring recent single ‘Flex On’ and stand-out singles ‘I Ain’t’ and ‘Weapons’, that chronicles the past three years of Boffa’s life.

The album creatively explores the highs and lows, the gained and lost relationships Boffa has experienced throughout his music career thus far. He even taps in various Australian producers and sound engineers to collaborate on the project.

While Boffa admits that the project touches on dark themes such as rejection and neglect, the whole album proves to be a sonic tonic that merges the classic underground hip-hop sound with mainstream up-tempo beats, amplifying Boffa’s vibrant precision in rapping. While the pandemic initially slowed Boffa’s momentum down, the unrelenting emotions behind his songs fueled his pursuit to let his creative process unfold and to share his fire with the rest of the world. Boffa shares, “it’s a massive chunk of me that I wish to share with you; the further along you listen, the more personal it gets.”

Boffa’s shapeshifting styles in music have been influenced by the artists he has embraced throughout the years, which include Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tom Jones, Michael Jackson, and Eminem, among others. This extensive and genre-defying background has allowed Boffa to be as versatile and prolific as he can be with his craft.

Since 2018, he has headlined many live shows as one of Adelaide’s most promising emerging emcees. Boffa is currently in the writing stage of his next project. With his increasing momentum and dedication, there is no doubt that Boffa is one Australian artist to keep an eye on.

Stream the full-length album “The Deeper You Dive, The Realer It Gets” on your preferred streaming platform including Spotify and follow Boffa on Instagram to stay up to date.

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