Black Art Speaks Volumes

Powerful image by Brooklyn-based photographer, Kenny Cousins, goes viral!

Thursday is Kenny Cousins’ favorite day of the week. It’s the same day one of his photographs from the Black Lives Matter demonstration in Flatbush, Brooklyn gained some eyeballs.

Cousins originally shared the image to his photography page on Instagram just moments before media outlets like Complex and Power 105.1 started posting it on their own accounts. Even Lloyd Banks and Vanessa Williams shared it on their IG page!

IG: @flattopphotography

Despite the violence and police brutality, a sense of solidarity showed up as soon as this image got passed along from one social channel to the next. It also served as a reminder that creative expression is a great way to spread a message, such as the one from Cousins’ powerful image, no justice no peace.

Truthfully, we shouldn’t have to wait for disaster to strike before we start to care about Black people, including artists like Cousins. Black creatives have the voice to influence the minds of others, and we as a community have the power to show up and support them.

Support Black and brown artists. Support the Black Lives Matter movement. Donate to bail funds to release demonstrators arrested while exercising their first amendment. 

Find out how by visiting!

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